In marketing to consumers, FSL uses a variety of media including direct mail, space advertising and telemarketing. Recently e-commerce and the Internet have been added as tools to reach individual consumers through work-site marketing and attract new broker/agent partnerships.

Marketing to consumers, however, is not the only focus of our efforts. Within the industry today, many companies are merging and consolidating. In the process, they may find it profitable to divest themselves of non-traditional books of business. In order to learn of the opportunities offered in these available books of business, FSL relies on an industry network of distributors, agents, brokers, reinsurers, providers, administrators and other carriers. 

These distributor partners, who have demonstrated expertise in market segments that are receptive to those products, complement our diverse product offerings. Even though our strategy focuses on exploring opportunities by meeting individual distributor needs, we are very sensitive to rapidly changing demographic and psychographic trends. When opportunities are discerned through internal planning, we utilize our established network to test and roll out new or updated products. 

We treasure the long-standing relationships already in place, and we regularly strategize with existing partners about variations to existing programs. With a focus that welcomes the unusual needs of the customer, we are always receptive to new ideas and new opportunities without losing sight of the solid values that brought us to where we are today. In short, FSL markets itself within the industry as an expert in niche marketing.